How It Works



Create an order: Add customer and order details 
(Name, Email, Phone #, Print Product, Qty Etc.)



Create artwork and upload via Message Board (MB) for approval. 
Once the order is approved, it will automatically go under 
Customer Approved tab. 


If customer approval is not required, move the order over to
"Customer Approved" or "Order in Progress" manually.



Once the order is sent to the Trade Printer or is in Production 
(if printing in house), move the order to "Order In Progress".



Once the order is ready for pickup, change the status to 
"Shipped, Ready for Pick-Up or Completed"


Note: Customer will receive an email every-time the order 
moves in production (Awaiting Approval, Customer Approved, 
Order In Progress, Shipped, Read for Pick-Up, Hold or Cancelled).